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June (Ellie T)

distance travelled:
balloon type:

Naomi Davies

distance travelled: 1953km

olivia p8

distance travelled: 1942km

Holly Harford

distance travelled: 1929km

Amy Denatale

distance travelled: 1928km

Full Results

311 Cerys Taylor 1779Km
312 olivia p12 1779Km
313 Sam Henderson 1778Km
314 Lili Denatale-Griffiths 1778Km
315 colin d 1 1778Km
316 Frego Stara (Alex) 1778Km
317 lloyd smith 1778Km
318 jody hallam 1778Km
319 Dewi Meirion 1777Km
320 lucy morgan 1777Km
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